About us


Commercial shipping today - highly remunerative but still risky business and the extent of losses to shipowners  due to shipwrecks and damages to mechanisms can reach millions of dollars.

One of the best ways of protection of the property interests connected with shipping and navigation is insurance policy availability.

Marine insurance initially developed and placed through professional intermediaries who possessed with sufficient knowledge in the sea industry.

In view of specific character of sea transportation and considering requirements of the given business  in 2010 in St.-Petersburg group of professionals in sphere of marine insurance decided to create the company «Just-marine group», the consulting firm specializing on granting of services in the field of insurance and settlement of losses both for Russian and for foreign shipowners. Our command consists of maritime lawyers, experts in insurance and chartering brokers having a wide experience in the field of a marine law and shipping. The primary goal for us is protection of interests of our clients both at a stage of the conclusion of the contract and in the course of insurance events approach.

Activity of "Just-marine group» is on crossing of all major insurance interests connected with loss of the freight, collisions, damage to hull and machinery, losses on general average, responsibility to the third parties and others which make it unique in its own way as it solves the taken range of questions in a complex.

«Just-marine group» adheres to a civilized way of business dealing:  policy and financial indicators of the company are opened for the public which promotes development of long-term relations with the partners and clients interested in our services and also allows to aspire to the greatest efficiency of our activity.

We trace all innovations in insurance business, a tendency of market development and quickly adapt to new changes.

We carry out of the obligations taken up and we care of that our clients and partners couldn't doubt quality of work of the company.